La Torniveneta is a factory consolidated from 1967, estabilished in the market in the production of lacquered doors, veneered and furniture components.

High flexibility, concreteness and reliability, cornerstones of our mission, allow us to adapt to the specific requirements of our sector in constant evolution. We offer solutions from the design to the manufacturing of doors and accessories, finished furniture and kit options.

Our organization allowed us to become the leader in the field of the lacquered doors using acrylic points, polyurethane, antiyellowing and ecological, water paints both for the Italian and the foreign market, mentioning among our custormers some of the most important Italian and European brands.



La Torniveneta was born in the 1967 as a wood turnery. After that, it established itself as a manufacturer of picture frames, integrated immediately in the market for the production of furniture components.



The factory, following the market changes, converts its production of wooden and veneered doors, becoming the leader in this sector.



Always careful of the trend and the customer demands, it specialized in the production of laquered doors for the making of bathrooms and kitchens, opening the road even to the foreign market.


Large scale retailing

The factory have started to operate in the large scale retailing introducing the production of assembled furniture, on kit and intensyfing the activity of the management and the production of contract.



The constant growth leads the factory to transfer its own production site to a larger production site in Portobuffolè: 10.000 mq of area allowed us to adopt new machinery and new cutting edge technologies.



The requirement of grow for the acquisition of new customers and the acquisition of new machinery leads for another extension of the production unit, before 15.000 mq of surface until to arrive at 20.000 mq.


La Torniveneta has become a big reality keeping the corpora te core business in the production of lacquered doors and veenerd for the furniture industry, working mainly for the foreign market.

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According to our ethical code, for us it is fundamental to work and respect the environment, which surrounds us using the raw material certificate.

We use the PEFC and FSC® certification to ensure that the raw wood material used for our products derives from forests managed in a sustainable way.

PEFC and FSC® certified products are available upon request

Our multi-years experience allowed us to develop a strong selling force that works in the Italian market and for the 70% in the foreign market.