Production of laquered doors and accessories mode inseries or customer forecast even with the most varied processes to enable us to satisfy all the demands of our customers.

Management contract: we offer from individual furniture accessories to furniture manufacturing finished on commission by a specific customer.

Furniture on kit: we work on alarge scale retailing offering solutions for furniture on kits.

In addition to large volume production, we offer a service Just in Time or for small batches, to satisfy any type of request for customers of all sizes.


We manage contracts and oders in programme, through forecast, with rapid deliveries in order not to engage the customer in the important inventaries.

The factory also runs scheduled orders for the realization of finished furniture, planning weekly or monthly deliveries.

We offer also a customized packaging service to meet every need:

  • Bulk packaging on pallets
  • Individual packaging in box
  • Packaging on kit
  • Packaging for furniture assembled finished


We costantly monitor products, materials and manufacturing processes to maintain the highest level of quality of all incoming and outgoing products.

Our qualified staff carry out in-depth checks and inspections for the construction of components for furniture which hold high standards.

Our costumers are welcome in our showroom where they can touch the quality of our products, and where our qualified staff is available to illustrate our whole range of products.

“Quality means doing things right when nobody is looking at you”
Henry Ford


We offer cutting-edge solutions, always up to date and in line with the new trends and demands of the different markets in which we operate.

Thanks to investiment in research and development of products, to collaborations with leading architects and designers, the factory offers products that follow the evolution of fashions and styles, always using innovative materials.


A reciprocal listening and active dialogue allow us to create an open relationship with our costumers, understand their needs and provide timely responses to become the ideal partner, precise and reliable.

We submit all our costumers a survey to measure the degree of satisfaction of our services, for a continuous improvement of our performance.

Our highly qualified staff guarantee an after-sale service that includes replacements and interventions for both the Italian market and the foreign market.